S&P Capital IQ Market Observations

Current Issue, November 2015

The November 2015 S&P Capital IQ Asia-Pacific Markets Newsletter is now available for your viewing. This complimentary report provides timely insights and data on the Equity, CDS, Fixed Income, M&A, IPO, Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment markets.

Inside the November 2015 issue:

  • Q3 2015 M&A Summery - China, Japan, Australia
  • Credit Rist Trends for Asia
  • China's Default Risk Level Skyrockets to Record Levels
  • Credit Trends Behind Major Indexes
  • Credit Matters
  • S&P Entity Credit Rating Action
  • Asia Pacific Index Dashboard
  • Asia Fixed Income Indices
  • Public Offerings
  • M&A Activity by Country, Sector
  • Private Equity Investments and Buyouts
  • Venture Capital Investments


The Q3 2015 S&P Capital IQ Market Observations issue is now available for your viewing and contains high-level perspectives on the equity, fixed income, M&A transactions, and top performing sectors for Q3 2015.

Inside the Q3 2015 Issue:

  • Market Trends: Leading U.S. M&A Deals
  • Credit Trends: Analyzing the Size and Structure of the Global Rated Corporate Debt Market in the Second Half Of 2015
  • M&A Transaction Activity by Sector
  • Top Performing Sector's M&A Deals

Create your own market observations. View how to access the M&A visualization, screen to refine transactions, and perform due diligence in Excel.


Sector IQ: Energy - Issue 5

Welcome to Issue 5 of Sector IQ: Energy, a publication which explores the energy industry and provides a unique perspective on oil & gas markets by leveraging content and analytics from across McGraw Hill Financial. We are living in an age of abundance these days when it comes to oil (who can even remember peak oil concerns…?). Until late 2014, production estimates, especially from North American shale plays were growing leaps and bounds. The only thing not to be found in abundance these days is profits from companies in the oil and gas space.

In this issue of Sector IQ: Energy, we take a look at the energy space from both a commodity and financial perspective. Our new dashboard, on the right, highlights many of the areas we explore in detail in the report. One of only areas of financial strength which we can see has been deal volume. This may reflect the fact that while some producers cut overhead and reduce higher cost production, others have been taking the opportunity to consolidate and re-position for the future. Other areas reflect the continued lower oil price environment including lowered estimates and high risk levels.

Issue headlines:

  • Trajectory of U.S. Hydrocarbon Production Begins to Flatten
  • Oil Volumes Go Up, Profits Go Down
  • Wall Street Lowers Outlook for Exploration and Production Sector
  • High-Yield Issuance and Covenant-Lite Deals Are Still Strong in the Midst Of Stable Credit Risk
  • Vulture Watch: Credit Risk Tables and Bankruptcies
  • Accommodating Capital Markets Keep Oil and Gas Companies Afloat Amid Industry Downturn
  • Global Mergers and Acquisition Deal Value Rebounds
  • Fiscal Incentives Don't Suffice To Kickstart Private Equity Investment in the North Sea Region


Introducing Deal Trends in Latin America. a publication that explores transaction trends in the region. In this issue of Deal Trends in Latin America, we explore transaction trends in the region as well as a deep dive assessment of deal activity in Mexico.

Learn more about Deal Trends in Latin America here