Market Leading Alpha Research
and Portfolio Management Platform

ClariFI is an advanced research and portfolio management platform built to provide asset managers with complete solutions for their research and production workflows. ClariFI provides comprehensive functionality in a single solution that is controlled end-to-end through an intuitive user interface. Seamless integration with various proprietary and third party data sources, applications, and models, enables you to accelerate alpha generation and increase efficiency at every stage of the quantitative process.

Key Advantages:

  • Eliminate time-consuming and error prone data integration and handling
  • Prototype new ideas in a rapidly changing environment
  • Integrate specialty data to tap into uncharted sources of alpha
  • Analyze the dynamics of changes in factor performance across different geographies and market segments
  • Understand sources of over and underperformance with detailed attribution
  • Understand optimal holding periods for investment strategy components
  • Create dynamic multi-factor weighting and selection models
  • Facilitate broad adoption and team-based collaboration at all organizational levels