MarketScope Advisor

MarketScope provides timely and informative investment insights for financial professionals. With detailed information about:

  • S&P Investment Strategy - Review the S&P Investment Policy Committee's asset allocation with recommendations by asset class.
  • Economy Watch - Access recent economic releases such as housing starts, factory orders and consumer sentiment.
  • Trends & Ideas - View actionable investment ideas to help your clients and build your practice.
  • Market Movers - Timely information on which stocks are moving and why.
  • Research Notes - the latest from S&P equity analysts on STARS stock rankings and buy/hold/sell recommendations, along with views on company news and earnings releases.

MarketScope Advisor is an innovative online resource that provides financial professional with access to extensive market commentary, independent investment analysis, up-to-date news and data on a broad range of asset classes including; stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, variable annuities, and options.

MarketScope Advisor's multi-asset class rankings are based on a proprietary mix of qualitative and quantitative factors which help delivering a higher quality of analysis to financial professionals who need to advise their clients about the market.

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