Get a Direct View of the Fixed-Income Markets
that Spans Industries, Companies and Securities

As the official desktop source for Standard & Poor's credit ratings and research combined with additional market intelligence and risk indicators, RatingsDirect delivers what you need for efficient credit analysis and alpha discovery.

Key Advantages:

  • Access Standard & Poor's credit ratings and research history
  • Get aggregated intelligence at the sector, sub-sector, industry and company level
  • Conduct deep dives at the instrument and security level
  • Obtain early-warning signals from the Credit Default Swap (CDS) marketplace
  • Access three years of S&P Capital IQ financials with easy 'click-thru' to original filings
  • Download tearsheets with details on company professionals and Board members, SEC filings, key developments and more
  • Leverage advanced multi-data point screening and charting capabilities
  • Personalize views and receive email alerts

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RatingsDirect is available on the S&P Capital IQ Platform and on the Global Credit Portal.