Financials and Valuation

Analyze companies with the most accurate, transparent financials in the market place covering 88,000 companies globally with over 5,000 unique financial data items and 2,500 industry-specific items.

Compustat Financials
Perform in-depth historical research and analysis with Compustat's unrivaled historical fundamental and market-data.

Pricing and Market Data
Access extensive pricing and market data across all major quoted markets including, equity, mutual funds, fixed income, indices, commodities, currencies, and rates.

Equity Capital Structure
View equity capital structure data on over 80,000 active and inactive public and select private companies worldwide.

Industry Profile
Examine and compare sector performance at various levels with snapshot views of an industry and its constituents, transaction data, estimates changes, upcoming events, and investment research.

Premium Financials
Leverage the point-in-time nature of our premium financials to optimize backtesting and attribution analysis, linking fundamentals with actual earnings announcements and subsequent market reaction.

Compustat Point-In-Time
Perform rigorous historical fundamental and backtesting analysis with monthly snapshots of finalized company fundamentals and restatement history.

Stock Performance Graph
Utilize our expert consulting services and authoritative and objective data on publicly traded companies to create customized, SEC-compliant stock performance graphs.

Securities Valuations & Pricing
Get a cross-market approach to assessing risk and value in your portfolios.

SynThesys Life & SynThesys Non-Life
Accesss FSA returns on more than 350 UK life and 400 UK non-life insurance companies and includes current year and historical data dating back to 1985, enabling subscribers to read the certificates, supplementary notes, and more.

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