Access Unrivaled Historical
Fundamental Data from 1950

Academic and quantitative researchers, hedge funds, and investment professionals around the world use Compustat's unrivaled historical fundamental and market data for in-depth historical research and analysis. Standardized data ensures that you have consistent and comparable data across companies, industries and business cycles, and offers a solid foundation for your rigorous analysis. In addition, the "click-through" feature allows you to trace adjustments and line item level details.

Key Advantages:

  • Achieve accurate, comparable results with high quality, standardized data
  • Execute deep, historical company analysis with unrivaled historical fundamental data available back to 1950
  • Access extensive market data including historical daily and monthly prices, dividends, and corporate actions

Compustat Financials Image

The above chart displays IBM's gross margin and total revenue, across multiple business cycles, for the past 50 years.

Coverage Stats

  • Daily and monthly market data from 1962
  • Historical annual data as far back as 1950
  • Historical quarterly data as far back as 1962
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