Take Your SEC Compliance
Requirements to the Next Level

We are uniquely qualified to assist you with your Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance needs with authoritative and objective data on publicly traded companies. Access broad company coverage from the Compustat database, and choose your peers from approximately 10,000 actively traded U.S. companies, over 4,200 Canadian companies, and over 500 ADRs. Our extensive index coverage enables you to benchmark your performance against Standard & Poor's, NASDAQ®, Russell, or Dow Jones indices with published weightings required by the SEC.

Key Advantages:

  • Access accurate, reliable information from highly trusted sources including official S&P index data
  • Customize the appearance, periodicity, and delivery method of your performance graph
  • Receive expert, personalized consulting services to help determine the specifics of your stock performance graph
  • Receive the fastest turnaround with performance graphs that are fully compliant with all SEC reporting requirements

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Learn more about SEC requirements by visiting the SEC website.

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