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More than 500 universities worldwide use the S&P Capital IQ platform for faculty research, classroom instruction, faculty recruiting and retention, and business school accreditation. We provide academic professionals with the most extensive, accurate credit ratings and research and fundamental data along with powerful, easy-to-use tools to conduct in-depth, unbiased historical analysis. Whether you're accessing data through the S&P Capital IQ platform or accessing Compustat data through one of our vendor partners, Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) or The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP®), we have the solution for your research needs.

What Do You Want To Do? How We Can Help:
Efficiently Perform Historical Fundamental Analysis Compustat Financials provide annual data back to 1950 and quarterly data back to 1962. With our historical data you get the most reliable, historic perspective to test theories over time and expand areas of research for publishing
Develop Robust Industry Comparisons Our industry-specific profiles allow you to examine and compare sector performance at various levels. Individual industry profiles provide a snapshot view of an industry and its constituents, displaying data for transactions, estimates changes, upcoming events, and investment research. You can also specify a geographic region to further refine the industry information. Industry profiles are fully customizable, and allow you to filter results and manipulate data display. In addition, our advanced visualization tools provide visual representation of industry changes and trends.
Assess the Credit Quality of Companies RatingsDirect is the official desktop source for Standard & Poor's credit ratings and research. Combined with additional market intelligence and risk indicators, it delivers what you need to stay on top of changes in creditworthiness and potential defaults. You can also access credit research reports, credit ratios and capital structure. Instantly round out a 360 degree view of your customers, suppliers, targets, and more.
Enhance Your Student Learning Environment The S&P Capital IQ platform provides students with a real-world experience in a classroom setting, including the university financial trading lab, allowing students to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Faculty and students have access to comprehensive information on over 59,000 public companies for accurate research and analysis.
Broaden Career Opportunities Source potential career opportunities with the platform by running complex screens based on both quantitative (e.g. company fundamentals) and qualitative information (e.g. alumni relationships). Quickly gain a holistic understanding of any company or firm including competitive landscape, transaction history, third-party affiliations, and key people and their backgrounds.
Streamline Research and Fundraising Activities Academic development research groups across Academia have found that the S&P Capital IQ platform greatly enhances and streamlines their research and fundraising activities. Relationship Management Tools help source professional and company contacts. Various "Six degree of Separation" Relationship Paths and Relationship Trees easily help identify networking potentials. Search for alumni based on degree earned, graduation year, compensation data, job title, and various other data points with our expansive screening parameters.
Conduct Comprehensive Event Studies Research Insight is a powerful financial modeling application built to quickly evaluate company performance, produce in-depth peer analysis and conduct long-term backtest research. Built upon the foundation of Compustat's standardized databases, Research Insight enables portfolio managers, management consultants and academic researchers to rapidly create custom analysis using the Microsoft Excel Plug-In. With access to over 300 predefined company and industry reports, you can develop high performing models and add depth to your analysis.
Broaden Compensation Research Our ExecuComp data provides full details on executive stock and option awards, as well as pension plans and comprehensive executive compensation data on the top officers for the S&P 1500 Index. Identify trends with executive compensation data on the top officers and executives.
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