Enabling the High-Performing
Consultants and Advisors

We provide the world's leading consultants, accountants, lawyers, and executive recruiters with the most accurate and transparent information on both public and private capital markets with tools for desktop research, idea generation, and relationship management. Our unique offering of qualitative and quantitative information allows for more targeted, accurate research and better ideas for clients.

Law Firms
Gain deep insights into companies and situations across both the private and public capital markets.

Executive Search
Focus your senior-level executive search efforts to identify, target, and connect with the most qualified senior level professionals and board members from around the globe.

Corporate Advisors
Enhance valuation analysis, sector research, and idea generation, and make better recommendations to clients.

Management Consultants
Perform accurate valuation and comparable company analysis, and devise tangible recommendations for operation decisions based on those findings.

Over 4,200 Clients