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S&P Capital IQ understands that the governance of large organizations requires access to deep, reliable fundamental data for their credit analysis, model building, statistical studies, economic analysis, and regulatory enforcement-based activities. We help government professionals solve their unique information needs by delivering industry-leading credit ratings and research plus fundamental and market data intraday with easy-to-use research tools for comparable company analysis both domestically and internationally.

What Do You Want To Do? How We Can Help:
Efficiently Perform Comparable Company Analysis Conduct comparable company analysis using several features within the S&P Capital IQ platform. Access a competitors list based on SEC filings, view our generated "Quick Comps" which outline 10 comparable companies derived from a back-end algorithm, and create customized screens based on specified criteria, including industry, geography, keywords, financial metrics, and much more.
Conduct Timely Credit Surveillance RatingsDirect is the official desktop source for Standard & Poor's credit ratings and research. Combined with additional market intelligence and risk indicators, it delivers what you need to stay on top of changes in creditworthiness and potential defaults. You can also access credit research reports, credit ratios and capital structure. Instantly round out a 360 degree view of your customers, suppliers, targets, and more.
Analyze Capital Structure Data Our debt capital structure data provides an in-depth analysis of the detailed components of the debt structure for global companies. Breakdowns by security types (commercial paper, bank loans, and bonds), secured and unsecured, senior and subordinate, maturity schedules, and borrowing capacity, give analysts more transparency into a company's capital structure.
Easily Locate Research Reports Our comprehensive Aftermarket Research offering provides access to thousands of brokers and independent research providers. You can easily locate the research you need with our robust searching tools, and receive e-mail alerts of new research reports based on your specified criteria.
Monitor Market News and Events Our Key Developments data provides timely, detailed summaries of news and events that may affect the market value of securities. Items include new financings, defaults, bankruptcies, and rating changes, and can be customized by users. With thousands of new items added every day, this dataset enables analysts to predict the impact of discrete qualitative or quantitative events on company performance.
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