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Private Equity Firm

The S&P Capital IQ platform caters to Private Equity investors, fundraisers, and Limited Partners globally. We continue to be a leading resource for Private Equity firms looking to streamline their research processes, uncover new investment opportunities, manage their portfolio companies, locate industry professionals and limited partners, and find potential exit opportunities. We provide the highest quality information available on both public and private capital markets, including credit ratings and research, financials, transactions, comparables, officers and directors, advisory relationships, key developments, filings, estimates, and much more. Our unique combination of deep information, easy-to-use research tools, and powerful analytics enables private capital investors and partners to enhance deal flow, evaluate opportunities more efficiently, and add value to portfolio companies.

What Do You Want To Do? How We Can Help:
Raise and Manage a New Fund As your firm begins to raise a new fund, use our platform to manage all documentation, investor tracking, and relevant market information. Respond quickly to inquiries from both current and prospective fund investors with our LP data, and search for Limited Partners with our targeting tool.
Generate Better Investment Ideas Whether you're looking for prospects, finding comparables, or working on a general strategy for your portfolio companies, you can quickly research and manage your processes with the S&P Capital IQ platform. Our screening and targeting tools incorporate financial and qualitative criteria so that you can generate highly tailored lists of ideas, and receive comparable company updates and market news in real time via e-mail alerts.
Exit From or Merge a Current Holding Use our Find Buyers tool to search both financial and strategic buyers to identify take out partners (exit strategies) and/or additional sources of capital for your current portfolio companies.
Analyze Current or Potential Portfolios Stay up-to-date on your company list or industry, and quickly identify trends in sponsor investments with Watch Lists. Use advanced visualization features to view detailed graphs of private equity investments by sector, region, type, and date, as well as exits by date. You can also create your own widgets for a more customized market analysis.
Manage Contacts and Make Connections Our CRM tools provide detailed views of companies, investment firms, professionals, and transactions across public and private markets. Manage all documents, board meeting notes, and financial performance and instantly map out an individual's relationship network and identify potential opportunities.
Analyze Portfolios in Real-Time Our Real-Time Workstation allows you to create, manage, and share your portfolios with colleagues. Pull your holdings into Real-Time to see intraday performance and contribution, as well as a summary view of each portfolio with sector and geographic allocation. You can also access estimates, news, and upcoming events filtered down to your actual holdings.
Spend More Time Doing Value-Added Research The S&P Capital IQ platform combines deep information on global public and private companies, investment firms and professionals with a wide range of research tools, allowing you to simplify your research process. With our Excel Plug-In, you can quickly build and maintain financial models and populate your spreadsheets with scrubbed and auditable financials.
Analyze Companies with Accurate, Transparent Data Our financials are adjusted for non-recurring charges to enhance comparability and have robust "click through" features that allow users to trace specific items to source documents. Our financials provide the most industry-specific and supplemental data points in the market.
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