Enabling the High-Performing
Research Firm

S&P Capital IQ provides the world's leading credit and equity analysts with pricing data and details for debt and equity instruments, tools to build fixed income or equity comparable sets, investment research reports, and up-to-the-minute market developments. Our unique offering of qualitative and quantitative information for both the debt and equity markets allows for more efficient, in-depth analysis and continuous market- and security-level monitoring.

Directors of Research are also using S&P Capital IQ's new mobile research solution, which allows users to securely deliver proprietary research, connect with clients during all stages of a research conference, and tailor research communications depending on the audience. This new mobile offering allows users to effectively promote their firm's research as well as provide clients with a unique, personalized and branded mobile app that will enhance their overall experience.

Credit Analysts
Evaluate credit risk, analyze capital structure data, and monitor credit ratings and access credit research.

Equity Analysts
Monitor market news and events, use industry profiles to view relevant information in one place, and build and update financial models.

Directors of Research
Securely deliver your firm's proprietary research to clients' mobile devices; connect with clients before, during and after research conferences; and target research to clients' interests.

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